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Clark welcomes Eastern Westmoreland Technology Center Students.

March 27, 2019

On Wednesday, March 27th, two instructors along with a group of 15 sophomore welding students from Eastern Westmoreland Technology Center (EWTC) made a visit to Clark to tour our facility.  Three tour guides from Clark’s management team walked the students thru the processes of custom sheet metal fabrication as well as explained our value stream processing.  Value stream processing is a lean manufacturing tool used to define and optimize the various steps involved in getting a product from start to finish.  Thru out the tour the students watched employees performing their jobs.  From operating state of the art equipment such as fiber lasers, robotic welding cells, to inserting hardware, MIG & TIG welding to applying powder coat finishes, silkscreens or graphics. They saw product being fabricated for a wide range of industries.  The tour wrapped up with a questions and answers session. During the Q & A session, it was great to witness the excitement of several students and how they realized that manufacturing has evolved from the dark, dirty shop floors of previous decades to incredibly automated, bright, resourceful facilities that offer tremendous career opportunities for men and women.  Clark Metal Products welcomes opportunities like this to motivate young adults and stir some interest in manufacturing.