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Charitable Giving remains a priority at Clark

October 20, 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, charitable giving remains a priority here at Clark Metal Products. Our "Clark Cares" Committee has chosen 12 different monthly charities for 2020. Normally, the employees raise money each month through raffles, charity lunches, and weekly $5 donations to wear jeans on Thursdays. The company matches the dollar amount raised by the employees, and that amount is donated to the charity of the month.  However, in March when the pandemic hit we could no longer raise money using those methods.  The committee knew that our donations were needed now more than ever.  The committee decided to donate a flat fee to each charity.  As of September, Clark has donated a total of $2,965.00 to 13 charities and many other local and national charities. 

Below are a few of the charities we have touched.