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Employee Spotlight - Do you know?

October 26, 2020

We're excited to bring you our latest edition of our Clark employee spotlight – Do you know? A two-fold spotlight that will introduce the employees within our company as well as our capabilities. 

Do you know? Clark Metal has MIG and TIG welding capabilities.  Welding is a common process in sheet metal fabrication for creating permanent bonds, especially for metal enclosures.  Two common types of welding are Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG).  All of our welders at Clark are experienced in both welding types. 

This edition we are spotlighting Savannah Embry, without further ado, meet Savannah.

Full Name: Savannah Embry

Hometown: Indiana

Current City: Blairsville

Education: Associates Degree in Welding & Engineering – WCCC Westmoreland Community College

Position at CMP: Welding

Years of Service: 8 months

Favorite Music:  Anything but Country!

Favorite Color:  Black

Anything else you would like to share about yourself:  I have been interested in art for a long time.  I think art is an expression of one’s thoughts and feelings.  Welding is an art, and that’s what really got me into welding.