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Commitment to Quality

Many companies do what we do. But not many companies do it as well. What allows us to serve our customers better is our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. So while many of our competitors emphasize “quality,” Clark Metal considers quality a given, an absolute requirement for doing business. We take it a step further and ask, “How can our product quality and our customer service be even better? And how can we eliminate waste from our processes?”

Clark's preventive action program proactively addresses potential problems before they happen, and root cause analyses and problem solving methods allow us to isolate and correct any mistake very quickly. Then, using proven effectiveness reviews, we close the loop to ensure that all actions taken were successful.

Our rigorous internal auditing process ensures procedures are being followed, and our auditors are always looking for ways to help us make improvements. Clark Metal has been certified to various ISO standards since July 2002. While we take great pride in this certification, we understand there is always room for improvement – and everyone at Clark is encouraged and empowered to make improvements every single day.

Download our ISO 9001 Certification: